Courses we offer

Certificate Course in Professional Photography

Duration - 4 months - Product | Portrait | Fashion | Travel | Documentary
* including post production classes

Starting with the very basics, this photography course provides candidates with a focused grounding in the fields of Commercial (event, product, portrait & fashion), Fine Art and Documentary Photography. The course offer students a learning environment that engages intellectual and creative thinking to develop professionals who combine technical know-how with artistic vision to produce distinctive work.

Course Highlights

 1000Sq ft fully equiped Studio Floor

 real time production shoots

 Hundreds of training hours

 Detailed sessions on Product Photography, Fashion Photography & Portrait Photography

 Detailed & advanced lighting sessions

Basic course in Digital Still Photography

Duration - 1 month

Our Photography for Beginners course is created to be quick and easy to learn photography – even those who feel they are beyond help of being able to understand their camera. You can begin to take better photos of any subject and get more enjoyment from your photography. You'll find this is a great course to make better use of your camera, whether it is a dSLR or pocket camera or even your smart phone camera.