Why Middlemist?

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Middlemist School of art and photography

Middlemist School of art & photography is a renowned, popular and trustworthy training institute in the country [Calicut, Kerala] and has been conducting Basic and Certificate courses in Photography. Many of our students have pursued successful careers in photography either as a free-lancer or working in renowned newspapers, magazines, cruise ships and advertising agencies or running their independent studios, or as wedding & event photographers, etc.

We are launched with a view of spreading the knowledge of photography among the people, who aspire to make career in photography and others, who like to pursue it as a hobby too.

 One among the biggest Studio Floors

 Students can participate in real time production shoots

 Hundreds of training hours

 Detailed sessions on Product Photography, Fashion Photography & Portrait Photography

 Detailed & advanced lighting sessions

 Well equiped studio floor

 Easy accessibility as situtated at the centre of Calicut city

 Hostel facilities